PRF 2014 Thundersnow Poster

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This year I was asked again to create the official poster for the Thundersnow music fest in Gladstone, MI and here it is: a 3-color, 18×24″ screenprinted poster on French Paper Du-O-Tone Steel Gray.

PRF 2013 Thundersnow Poster

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This past weekend was the PRF 2013 Thundersnow music fest up in Gladstone, MI. Tons of great bands in an old hotel in the U.P. I couldn’t make it to the event but I was asked to create a poster. Here’s the result. It’s a 3-color, 18×14″ screenprinted posted on French Paper Du-O-Tone Butcher Blue, edition […]

My Bloody Valentine’s New Record

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My Bloody Valentine released their follow-up to Loveless over the weekend. I’ve been waiting 22 years for this record and now it’s here. Yes, it’s every bit as amazing as I could have hoped it would be and I’ve been listening to it on repeat every chance I get. The part that I’m struggling with […]

New UX Projects Posted

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I just wrapped up a handful of UX projects for Proximity BBDO (now XI°) and posted them to my projects. Check them out and if anyone would like to get a deeper look, just send me a note and I can forward you full PDFs.

PRF Summer BBQ ‘Unofficial’ Poster

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PRF Summer BBQ ‘Unofficial’ Poster I’m a little behind posting here, but this the ‘unofficial’ PRF Summer BBQ poster I printed back in June. The official (and far superior) poster was commissioned to Jay Ryan and he was kind enough to let me do one of my own as well. It’s a 2-color edition of 30. Unfortunately, through a miscommunication a bunch […]