PRF Summer BBQ ‘Unofficial’ Poster

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PRF Summer BBQ ‘Unofficial’ Poster I’m a little behind posting here, but this the ‘unofficial’ PRF Summer BBQ poster I printed back in June. The official (and far superior) poster was commissioned to Jay Ryan and he was kind enough to let me do one of my own as well. It’s a 2-color edition of 30. Unfortunately, through a miscommunication a bunch […]

Radiant Republic Poster

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Radiant Republic Poster The posters for the Radiant Republic Burlington show are now complete! It’s a 2-color 16 x 20, printed on 100lb Steel Grey Dur-O-Tone, edition of 60. Sorry about the terrible photo, I’m still working on my poster-photographing skills. UPDATE: I shot a better looking photo now seen here.  


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Since I already spend way too much time looking at gigposters and screenprinted art prints online I decided to do something productive with that energy. I started a blog covering screenprinted art and gigposters called Printed-Matters. I hope to be updating it pretty regularly as long as my schedule allows me to. Check it out […]

I made a black metal logo of my name Part II

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About a month ago I took a stab at creating a black metal logo of my first name Andrew. A great comment I received from it was that I missed an opportunity by not using my last name Rench which sounds like a natural fit for a metal band name. I had so much fun […]

I made a black metal logo of my name

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So anyone who follows me on Rdio probably knows that I’ve been listening to a lot of metal lately and more recently I’ve been getting into black metal. Fun stuff. Checkout my black metal Rdio playlist at the end of the post. It kinda kicked off from seeing pictures and a video of Christophe Szpajdel’s show […]