PRF 2013 Thundersnow Poster

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This past weekend was the PRF 2013 Thundersnow music fest up in Gladstone, MI. Tons of great bands in an old hotel in the U.P. I couldn’t make it to the event but I was asked to create a poster. Here’s the result. It’s a 3-color, 18×14″ screenprinted posted on French Paper Du-O-Tone Butcher Blue, edition […]

My Bloody Valentine’s New Record

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My Bloody Valentine released their follow-up to Loveless over the weekend. I’ve been waiting 22 years for this record and now it’s here. Yes, it’s every bit as amazing as I could have hoped it would be and I’ve been listening to it on repeat every chance I get. The part that I’m struggling with […]

Sneak Peek at the Radiant Republic Poster

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My latest poster project is a 2-color screenprint for Chicago’s Radiant Republic. Printing is done but still need to chop-cut down to size.

Good Stuff On Bandcamp

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Lotsa good releases on Bandcamp in the past year. These picks here are all self-released and some are only available in digital form. The other common tie is that these are all Premiere Rock Forum (PRF) bands. PRF is an online community spawned from the incredibly active forum on Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio website.  Many […]

I made a black metal logo of my name Part II

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About a month ago I took a stab at creating a black metal logo of my first name Andrew. A great comment I received from it was that I missed an opportunity by not using my last name Rench which sounds like a natural fit for a metal band name. I had so much fun […]