PRF Summer BBQ ‘Unofficial’ Poster

Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Art, Design | No Comments

I’m a little behind posting here, but this the ‘unofficial’ PRF Summer BBQ poster I printed back in June. The official (and far superior) poster was commissioned to Jay Ryan and he was kind enough to let me do one of my own as well. It’s a 2-color edition of 30. Unfortunately, through a miscommunication a bunch of unsigned, less-than-perfect versions where sold at the event. Sorry if you got one of those! Feel free to contact me for a signed and numbered version if you were a victim of this mix-up.

The event was a blast and a huge success. And both of the active bands I play in (Acid Tit and Blank Banker) had the chance to play as part of the weekend-long festivities.

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